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If you have a learning disability, are over 18 years old, and the local authority and social services department have assessed you and feel you have care and support needs, then you will be eligible to apply for Supported Living. The support you receive in the Supported Living scheme is usually delivered through what is known as core hours and one-to-one individual support. More details about this can be found below.

Day Time Support

We will provide support to you during the day from 7am to 10pm, seven days a week. Our staff will be happy to help you to live as independently as possible during this time. 

We will also consider if assistive technology, for example alarms or sensors, would be helpful to you. 

Day Time Support is often complemented by your additional support hours, which are specifically to meet your individual needs. 

These do not necessarily have to be delivered by the same provider that delivers the core support. You can choose who delivers your individual support hours if you opt for a direct payment.

Night Time Support

There will always be a member of staff present at the Supported Living home overnight. 

However, if you do not necessarily need support during the night then that member of staff will be ‘sleeping-in’ which means you can call for assistance if required. 

Household tasks are not usually undertaken during night time hours. Our staff will support you to complete these tasks during the day.

One-to-one Support

If you and your social worker determine you need one-to-one support, for example, helping with certain tasks such as outings, cooking dinner or showering, then we will support you in this way. You will have a choice on who provides your one-to-one support. 

This could either be through a direct payment, the core provider, or another provider.

How we check your support

Your social worker will review your needs and make sure your support is right for your needs at the time. If necessary, your support may be changed in discussions with social care and the care provider.
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